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Feb 27

Today's top internetting -

What does the internet love/hate/meh today? Check out what’s happening in the viral universe with this brilliant new tool, produced in association with Three. Plus: all the latest trending stories from and other UK news sources

Zurich Life Navigator -

Guardian Money, in association with Zurich, have created the Life Navigator - an online app which looks at the key life stages we all go through and the big financial considerations. From starting your first job to saving for retirement - it will examine the main financial dos and don’ts.

Nov 29

Win £1,000 worth of Folio Society Books | Folio Society - Beautiful Books | The Guardian -

An illustration by Sara Ogilvie for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Folio Society celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. On this special website you can find out more about how their hardcover editions of some of the world’s greatest books, complete with gorgeous illustrations from world-renowned illustrators, are the perfect gifts for Christmas. View an interactive gallery of illustrations from a range of titles, and watch a video with award-winning writer and illustrator Grahame Baker-Smith

Jul 23

Smart TV - a Guardian microsite, published in association with Toshiba -

The TV revolution is here. Find out how smart, HD and 3D TVs are set to transform our viewing and browsing behaviour. 

Jul 17

Cuisinart Creative Kitchen: sponsored Guardian microsite -

Berry ice cream

Recipes, product information and cooking videos from the Guardian, produce in association with Cuisinart

Jul 03

Mini-guides, competitions and more | BlackBerry Festivals | The Guardian -

An air guitarist performs on stage

Don’t miss a thing at Womad, Camp Bestival and Bestival with these fantastic mini mobile guides, coming soon to your smartphone

Jun 11

IBM Wimbledon SlamTracker | The Guardian -

IBM's Slam Tracker

A site all about IBM’s use of technology at Wimbledon. Sponsored by IBM.

May 18

Independent bookshops | Hive Books | The Guardian -

Celebrating independent bookshops with the Hive

Win the new iPad | Visit Dubai | The Guardian -

Another tourism site, produced in association with Definitely Dubai.

Summer breaks in south-west France | Discover Aquitaine | The Guardian -

A microsite produced in association with the region’s tourist board.